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Newborn shoes

Often people ask us "What is the reason that my baby should were newborn shoes?" Well the answer to that little question is simple, protection, warmth and fashion!

Newborn Shoes Provide Protection

Firstly it's important that newborn shoes help to protect their fragile little feet. Look for a strong construction process that can also allow your babies feet to breath. Babies love to pull their socks and shoes off so aim for a pair of newborn shoes that will resist their efforts.


Help keep their little feet warm

During the colder months it's important that you keep their tiny toes nice and warm. By wearing our great range of newborn shoes it will help to ensure that their little feet maintain a nice warm temperature during this time.

Newborn Shoes are becoming the must have item

If you have noticed the recent news all the celebrities are ensuring their newborn babies never leave home without a fashionable pair of shoes. You would never leave the house without looking your best so why should your baby be any different? Well with any of our beautifully hand crafted range of newborn shoes you can ensure that your baby looks the part; follow any of the links below to start shopping!

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