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Infant Shoes

We sell a great range of infant shoes at Bubba Boosh™. Our infant shoes go up to 18 months of age and are designed to accommodate the milestones that occur during this age range.

Infants vary in the age they begin to crawl as well as walk. Therefore our range of infant shoes are soft, flexible, non-slip and flat to assist the little ones in their early stages of crawling and walking development.

Our amazing range of infant shoes will protect little feet once they are on the move guarding against cuts and bruises from rough surfaces, cold surfaces, rough flooring and even from the weather- sun and the cold.


Our infant shoes are also flexible, soft and flat in design allowing your little one to develop the small muscles and tendons in their foot by gripping the floor when standing and taking first steps, as well as allowing enough room for toes to wiggle and separate creating control and balance of their body as they are able to ‘feel’ the ground through their soles.

This is very important in their early stages and is why thicker soled shoes are not recommended for this age. Our infant shoes begin in sizes 0-3 months and go up to 18 months, we provide a sizing chart so you can accurately purchase the correct size shoe.

To see a full range of our Infant Shoes, simply start by clicking the gender of the baby you are looking for. Happy shopping!

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