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On Saturday 26th January we attended the Sandhurst Australia Day Market. It was a fabulous event for families with fireworks, food and market stalls. It was a very busy evening, with many mums, grand-parents and friends coming down and buying our shoes for their loved ones.

Research on soft soled shoes

After many discussions with parents that have children about to walk or starting to walk, the common recommendations has been to not put hard inflexible shoes on their children. Instead they are opting for soft soled shoes as they provide protection to little feet whilst still giving them a 'barefoot feeling' to develop their muscles/tendons and sense of balance and control. We thought this month we would include research on soft soled shoed baby shoes and found an interesting article from Podiatry Victoria (2002).

Podiatry Victoria (2002) states that "A child learning to walk receives important sensory information from the soles of their feet. Shoes with hard and inflexible soles, can make walking more difficult".

Podiatry Victoria (2002) "recommends that shoes are:

  • Firm, comfortable fit both lengthways and widthways
  • Rounded toe
  • Plenty of room for the toes
  • Flexible, flat sole
  • Laces, straps or equivalent to prevent excessive movement or slipping of the foot inside the shoe."

Our range of shoes have soft, flat and flexible soles. They are lightweight and wide allowing feet a little room to move and wiggle but not too much room that their foot will slip and slide around. On our website we provide a sizing chart for each style to ensure that you purchase a shoe that is the correct size for their foot. Our shoes have a rounded toe so they are not squished and unable to wriggle around which is important for developing their ability to 'grip'. Our styles vary from laces, to straps so jump onto our website and grab a pair of shoes today!

This is general information only. Please speak to your doctor or podiatrist for individual concerns.
Podiatry Victoria (2002), Podiatry Victoria PO Box 248, Collins Street West Vic 8007, viewed 16 February 2013,

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