Why Buy Baby Tights?

Simple... they look great! Baby tights (also called baby leggings) have been a favourite for new mums over many years and during the colder months they provide necessary warmth, comfort and protection for your little baby girl or boy. Baby tights have been traditionally worn by girls but new styles are coming through all the time for boys so keep a look out for some new styles coming soon to Bubba Boosh®!

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What to look for in you in baby tights?

The key with your baby tights is to ensure that they fit correctly. Here at Bubba Boosh® we like to use a simple guide in order to select the appropriate size, ½ the size of your baby is the right size you should be looking to buy. If you're not sure of the lengths of our baby tights you can revert to our handy sizing guide. If you're still not 100% send us an email and we will help you out.

Why should you buy baby leggings from Bubba Boosh®?

We like to simplify things here at Bubba Boosh®, so I'm going to make this easy for you. We are passionate about our products, our store and our brand. We aim to provide the best service we can to Australian consumers and we pride ourselves on the satisfaction of our customers. Buy from us today and find out that online stores should or could be doing it better!

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