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Our Baby Shoes

What materials are available

We have a large variety of materials available. At Bubba Boosh® we have a range of material shoes as well as soft leather baby shoes.

What styles are available for baby shoes

At Bubba Boosh® we have a large range of styles avaliable, some of our baby shoe styles are:

  • Mary-Jane shoes
  • Slip on
  • Pull on
  • Above ankle
  • Baby Boots
  • Christening Shoes
  • Little flower girl shoes

What colours are available in our shoes

At Bubba Boosh® we have selected a range of colours for our shoes that we just know you will love. From brown, navy, black, white for boys to pink for girls. Not to mention the vibrant splashes of lime green and orange for boys and leopard print for girls. Your baby will be colourful and vibrant ready for every occasion with our little shoes, the hardest decision will be how to limit your choice to just one!

What do I look for when buying baby shoes

They must be lightweight

It is important that your baby's shoes are lightweight. If they are too heavy they will find it difficult to crawl and stand up on their own or even with your support. The extra weight will also put unnecessary pressure on other joints and muscles. Our shoes are lightweight and made of soft materials like leather and cotton, we dont have thick rubber soles (this will inhibit your babies development) - just a non-slip sole to provide grip to slippery surfaces.

Non slip soles

Your Babies shoes will need to provide grip to surfaces, particularly at the age when your little one is beginning to move around, standing up with and without assistance and taking those first steps. The material on the soles are non-slip providing grip for your little one to move around on slippery surfaces.

Keep little baby feet warm and protected

Having shoes on your baby, especially in winter, ensures they keep their socks on, inturn keeping their feet warm and protected. It is also helpful to protect their feet from cold or rough surfaces, keep their body warmth in and even protection from the sun. Babies have a habit of trying to pull their socks of their feet, so this is an advantage. Our baby shoes have lace ups, velcro straps and pull on styles to ensure their shoes stay on.

Correct sizing

It is also important that you choose the right size shoe for your babies foot. Buying baby shoes a little bigger is much better than too small. It is important that your baby has enough ‘wiggle’ room without the shoes being too big that they will twist and lose shape when being worn. Our shoes come in a range of sizes from 0-3 months through to 18-24 months. Our sizing guide will assist you in ordering the right size shoe for your baby. We have provided a measurement in centimetres so you can measure your baby's foot and see which size will be the best fit allowing for adequate room to move.

Soft sole

We have flexible soft soles that are flat, soft, flexible and non-slip. This ensures that your babyies foot is able to move without restrictions and have a 'bare foot' feeling whilst being protected. At this age it is very important when learning to walk that they use little muscles and tendons to assist gripping the floor as well as their toes separating to develop their balance and support their body when stepping and walking around. Being able to 'feel' the ground through the soles assists this process, compared with thick soles that are too heavy for them to walk in and give them no 'feeling' of the ground below. Compared with walking barefoot, baby shoes will provide your little one with protection from the ground below- cold floors, rough surfaces, protection from objects that may bruise or scratch their feet and toes as well as protection from the sun and the cold.

Flexible materials

The ankle and upper feet need to have some support but should not be covered by rigid materials that do not allow the baby to have and build control of their ankle strength.

Why should your little one wear shoes

  • They protect your soft and tiny feet and toes from dangers in everyday life. Even when crawling, your baby encounters dangers to their feet and if unprotected can scratch or graze their feet and toes. For example coming in contact with furniture, cold flooring rough floors and hard surfaces.
  • They help keep socks on your little ones feet and keeps socks clean.
  • Baby shoes keep feet warm and protected from weather. Through the seasons your babyies feet are protected from the sun and the cold.
  • They provide a fashionable look for your baby.

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